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Service children

At St Francis Xavier School we take pride in our ability to build a strong sense of community amongst students, regardless of their diverse backgrounds. Developing the character of all students through the curriculum, enrichment, and ethos is pivotal to the development of all students. Service students are encouraged to participate in enrichment clubs and trips, fostering a sense of belonging that transcends the challenges of their unique circumstances. 

Service children at SFX enjoy the opportunity to meet fortnightly, sharing stories, participating in activities, and planning future events. This club is overseen by our dedicated School Service Advocate, Mrs. Cunningham.


School's Service Ambassador

Hi, I am Mrs Cunningham, the Service Advocate at SFX School. 

I am delighted to have this role in school, as it allows me to give back to a community that supported me. Having been a service child with both my parents serving in the Army, my position as a Service Children Advocate allows me to draw from my personal experiences to positively impact and support our students here at SFX.

I can be contact via email at cunningham.j@sfx.npcat.org.uk



Local offer

The Service Children’s Champion team supports Service children and their families in North Yorkshire.

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Deployment note

This form has been designed for students or parents to notify the school of a parents deployment. 

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RBL - Support for Service children


Service Children's Champion Newsletters

The following newsletters have been created by North Yorkshire's Service Children Champion to provide families with news and events.

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