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St Francis Xavier

Physical Education

Our aim is to utilise exceptional teaching and learning to inspire lifelong sporting participation by providing opportunities for all. 

The PE department are dedicated to equipping our students with the knowledge, skills, and confidence required to not only succeed in sport but also in the wider community. We have a real passion for extracurricular sport and the role it plays in the holistic development of our students. We firmly believe that by offering sporting opportunities in a diverse range of sports, both in and out of lessons, we are contributing to the mental, physical and social well-being of our students.

Our diverse KS3 and KS4 programme is designed to enable pupils to experience greater independence, leadership and ownership in their lessons. There is an emphasis on pupils being active. Pupils experience varied roles such as coach, referee, and team manager and will have sporting, recreational and health and well-being promoting opportunities.

At Key Stage 4 we offer the AQA GCSE PE course. This is a popular subject choice that allows students to expand on their academic and practical understanding of sport. Our GCSE results demonstrate the knowledge and commitment of staff and students.

Curriculum team

Mr Marley- Curriculum Leader for Boys PE

Miss Zissler- Curriculum Leader for Girls PE

Mr Lowe- Teacher of PE

Key stage 3 topics

Year 7

Students are taught 4 lessons per fortnight.

Football/Netball/Rugby/Badminton/Fitness/Gymnastics/Dance/Athletics/Rounders/ Cricket

Year 8

Students are taught 4 lessons per fortnight.

Football/Netball/Rugby/Badminton/Basketball/Fitness/Gymnastics/Dance/Athletics/Rounders/ Cricket

Year 9

Students are taught 4 lessons per fortnight.

Netball/Handball/Alternative Games/Football/Fitness/Gymnastics/Dance/Volleyball/ Rugby/Athletics/ Rounders/Cricket

key stage 4 topics

Core PE

Students are taught 2 lessons per fortnight.

KS4 core PE focuses on developing opportunities for lifelong sporting participation and enjoyment. The students in each class are involved in designing the curriculum to ensure engagement and enjoyment are paramount.

Football/ Netball/ Rugby/ Handball/ Volleyball/ Badminton/ Basketball/ Fitness/ Gymnastics/ Dance/ Athletics/ Rounders/ Cricket/ Dodgeball/ Table Tennis


Students have 5 GCSE PE lessons a fortnight on top of their Core PE lessons.

The GCSE course involves 2 examination papers.

Miss Zissler delivers paper 1, including 3 main topics;

Applied anatomy and physiology

Movement analysis

Physical training.

Mr Marley delivers paper 2, including 3 main topics;

Sports Psychology

Socio-Cultural Influences

Health, Fitness and Well-being

GCSE Assessment

AQA GCSE PE involves 2 examination papers (30% each) 3 practical assessments (10% each) and a written coursework assessment (10%).

Wider Curriculum

Our strong extracurricular program ensures opportunities for all whilst also promoting the importance of competitive sport. The PE department has teams that enter in a large variety of local sporting competitions. As a result of our recent successes we have a number of students that currently compete in Area, County and National teams.

The passion and commitment from the department has resulted in superb participation rates across all sports. This is evident in the number of students we have attending area competitions and trials. We currently boast team and individual success in Football, Rugby, Netball, Basketball, Cricket, Athletics, Cross-Country, Dance, Gymnastics, Golf, Hockey, Squash, Swimming, Table-Tennis, Badminton and Equestrian.