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The department aims to ensure that all pupils are supported and encouraged to maximise their full potential in mathematics.

We aim to ensure pupils are equipped with mathematical knowledge, skills and processes to deal with real life situations that influence all of our lives. We always hope to challenge and stimulate pupils of all abilities. The department also provides a solid foundation for those pupils wishing to progress to A-level mathematics.

Maths Team:

  • Mrs J Prime – Assistant Headteacher with responsibility for Mathematics

  • Miss K Hawley - Lead Teacher for Mathematics

  • Miss K Appleby – Teacher of Mathematics

  • Mrs K Crossling – Teacher of Mathematics


Key Stage 3 Pupils will receive 6 lessons of Mathematics per fortnight. Pupils are taught in 4 sets based upon their ability in mathematics. In Y7 pupils are set based on their end of key stage 2 level. There is opportunity to move sets each term throughout year 7, 8 and 9 based upon end of term assessments. Schemes of work are differentiated for each set based on national curriculum levels. Pupils finish key stage 3 mathematics during the summer term of year 9. At this point, an end of key stage 3 level is reported and GCSE target grades are agreed.

Key Stage 4

Students begin the ‘EDEXCEL mathematics GCSE’ at the end of year 9.

The 2 sets of higher ability pupils follow the higher specification throughout year 10 and 11 and sit their exams in June year 11. During the year 9 GCSE options selection, pupils have the opportunity to select ‘GCSE Statistics’ combined with ‘FSMQ Level 3 Additional maths’. This option gives students a greater preparation for A-Level mathematics.

The 2 sets of lower ability pupils follow the foundation specification throughout year 10 and the beginning of year 11, aiming to sit their examinations during November in year 11. Foundation pupils then have the opportunity to study and sit the ‘level 2 Functional skills in mathematics’ exam.

More able and Talented

Pupils who are very able mathematicians are encouraged to enter the Junior (years 7 and 8) and Intermediate (years 9, 10 and 11) maths challenges each year.