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Remote Learning

If your child is self-isolating and therefore unable to go to school then we still expect them to be completing their schoolwork if they are well. There are many scenarios where your child may be self-isolating. To help you understand our expectations we have put together the following scenarios.

Scenario 1 - Your child is self-isolating but the rest of their class or bubble is in school 
If your child is self-isolating but the rest of their class or bubble is within school then teachers will be setting work for your child via Microsoft Teams. We would advise that children follow their normal school timetable at home and work the hours that they would have worked within school and complete their homework as usual.
Scenario 2 - Your child is self-isolating and is also unwell
If your child is also unwell and therefore not well enough to work then they are not expected to complete the work but may wish to use the work on Teams to catch up when they feel able to do so.
Scenario 3 - Your child's class or bubble are self-isolating
If your child’s class or bubble is self-isolating at home then your child should still follow their normal timetable at home. During this time, we would expect all children to follow their normal school timetable and wherever possible we will provide live lessons for children to complete. The school will take a register for live lessons and we will make follow up phone calls to families where a child has not attended a live lesson whilst self-isolating at home.

At the half way point of the self-isolating for scenario 1 and 2, our attendance officer, Ms Spensley will make a welfare call home to check on our child and how they are getting on. However, if you do have any problems or concerns or need more information then please e-mail us on contact@sfxschool.org.uk and we will be only too happy to answer your query.  

Letter for parents 

Live lesson expectations

The following live lesson expectations are in addition to the principles set out and agreed by parents in the Online learning and live lesson agreement. 

When joining lessons from home students should adhere to the following expectations to ensure the safety of all learners. Parent/guardians should not contribute to lessons. 


Useful guides

The links below provide information for families and children on how to access live lessons including our ‘live lessons protocols’.

Parent guideHow to access Teams from a mobile deviceHow to access Teams from a computerHow to download the Microsoft package

The following video has been put together to support students accessing their work and live lessons from home. 


Safeguarding live lesson

In order to be able to access ‘live lessons’, a safeguarding protocol is necessary and it is important that you and your child have read this document fully and understand why it is required. We need a signed copy of this in order that your child can take part in live lessons. This can be printed and returned to reception or to make it easier, it can be completed online. 

Consent form

Consent form (online)