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St Francis Xavier

Meet the Pastoral Team

Mr Jackson

History teacher and Assistant Headteacher

Interest and Hobbies:

I love the great outdoors and I enjoy running. I have completed the Great North Run for the past 2 years and have challenged myself to run 1,000 miles in 2020. I enjoy sports and coming from Manchester originally, I support Manchester United. I also enjoy music with my favourite band being Oasis and I enjoy playing the guitar and I still hold out hope of one day becoming a rock n roll star.

Favourite meal, Mexican food

During Lock down: I have done a lot of running, playing guitar and spending time with my family – I have 4 children aged 10 and under.

Dislikes:  Rudeness, spiders and Manchester City

During lockdown:

I have spent time during this lockdown learning to play the guitar - maybe so I can achieve my dream job of being a rock n roll star. I'm looking forward to meeting you all in September when you start at SFX.

Mrs Fawcett

English Teacher and Head of Year 7


I really enjoy hiking and getting out into the outdoors. Similar to Mrs Bowman, I too conquered Skiddaw and Catbells last year, though not together! When not in lockdown, I enjoy singing in a choir. This suits me well as I like to hear tuneful voices around me, rather than attempting to sing solo. I enjoy wild swimming-swimming outdoors in a lake. It is fabulous seeing birds and insects flying really close to you. 

During lockdown: I have started riding my bike again and was really proud when I cycled to my friend's house recently for a socially distanced cup of tea, rode home, and realised I had cycled 20 miles.

Dislikes: olives!

Mrs Pratt

Pastoral Officer

Interest and Hobbies: I enjoy being outdoors – as much as possible, especially if I can be hill walking with my family, ideally in the Lake District.  I also play ladies softball cricket and as I have a husband and son who are cricket mad – summers are usually spent watching them! I also enjoy reading and jigsaws.  I also like to cook and bake.

Favourite meal, curry and all the sides…

During Lock down: I have spent time updating my spotify play lists, watching Netflix and reading lots of books! I have been taking part in lots of quizzes with friends.  With my family I have been practising my bowling… I am still not good enough and need lots more practise!

Dislikes:   bad manners, liver and reality TV


Mrs Ross Russell

School Chaplaincy Coordinator
(usually known as the School Chaplain)

Interests and Hobbies

I love to be outdoors - especially on the trails across the Moors and the Dales. I love to run and to cycle and to walk my dog. I also love to ski and love being in the mountains - in the winter and in the summer. I love to travel and to explore - I find it quite hard to sit still for too long! My family is really important to me, I have 2 sons, Ben and Sam, who both came to SFX and they loved their time there. One is now doing A levels and the other is at University (although right now, they are both stuck at home with their parents!). We have a puppy called Willow who is full of mischief, but makes us all very happy. My faith is at the centre of my life, I do my best to live out my love of God in all I say and do.

Favourite meal: pancakes and blueberries for breakfast

During Lockdown: I have had to learn to sit still a bit more than I normally do, but I have loved being outside in my garden in the sunshine with a bit more time to be able to do that.

Dislikes: people being unkind to each other, scary films and Coca-Cola 


Mr Marley

Head of Year 8 & Head of Boys PE
Interests and hobbies:

As you would imagine being a PE teacher I love sport whether that be watching, playing or talking about it. I play football and cricket and am a huge Newcastle United fan. I have a young daughter and love spending time with my family and friends.

Favourite meal: Steak & chips with peppercorn sauce

 During lockdown: I have managed to be around to see my little girl take her first steps and have lots of quality family time. I have been doing home workouts every day and also doing a lot of walking. It’s also been good to keep in contact with friends and family through weekly Zoom quizzes.

Dislikes: Bad punctuality, lies, mushrooms


Mr Lowe

PE Teacher, Head of Year 9 and SENDCO

Interests and Hobbies

Sports are my main interest. I enjoy playing and watching football, cricket and golf. My 3 year old daughter loves riding her bike, playing football and riding her scooter so we like to spend lots of time outside. I am a keen walker and often go for long walks in the countryside at the weekend. 

Favourite Meal

Any Thai Curry or Steak and Chips! 

Chocolate Brownie for pudding! 

During lockdown 

Spending lots of quality time with my family. Decorating the house and I have also taken up running, which I have never really liked until now. 


Giving up too easily, being late, snakes. 


Mrs Hawkins

Science teacher and Head of year 10

Interest and Hobbies:

I am quite an active person so my favourite pass times include running and walking (particularly in the Lake District with my family). I also love watching football and as the mother of a football mad 8 year old much of my free time is spent watching the sport, either on television or on the side lines. Other interests involve reading and I love nothing more that relaxing with a great book.

Favourite meal, Seafood paella.

During Lock down: I've run a lot! Made a vegetable plot and played games with my two children.

Dislikes:  Bad manners and Newcastle United!


Mrs Bowman

History teacher and Head of year 11

Interest and Hobbies:

Quality family time is extremely important to me, as a mother of two active boys, my interests revolve around them and hence I have become interested in football which I watch at least once a week at grass roots level.  I also enjoy taking long walks in the countryside with the family. We particularly enjoy walking in the lakes and last year we conquered Skiddaw and Catbells. A hobby that is very close to my heart that I no longer pursue is horse riding.

Favourite meal, Salmon salad and any kind of cheesecake

During Lock down: I have played board games in the garden and started to ride a bike again.

Dislikes:  Bad manners, beetroot and cold weather.


Ms Spensley

Learning & Communications Officer

Interest and Hobbies:

Art, books and the outdoors, especially waterways and trees. I enjoy walking, my dog Boo often accompanies me and, very occasionally, my two sons who are now young men. I really enjoy relaxing in the evenings to a good comedy show or some music.

Favourite meal:

I enjoy Thai food and Greek salad. Cinnamon bagels with cream cheese and raspberry jam or a good veggie burger with cheese are my go-to comfort foods.

During Lock down: 

During the lockdown we have finally cleared out the garage a little so my son can start using it as a gym and I can start making some ceramics based on a project I’ve been exploring around the Glasgow Botanical Gardens.

Dislikes:  Ironing and tardiness