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St Francis Xavier

Curriculum by year

Use the links below to view the PSHE curriculum by year.

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At SFX our students think like a PSHE student because...
they use a range of evidence to analyse a situation and draw conclusions based on what they believe to be the right outcome for themselves and those around them. Students are encouraged to explore a bank of support systems and how to access them. An SFX student studying PSHE would be able to recognise signs of positives mental health and wellbeing and signpost peers to helpful places for support when necessary.

They will be able to ask relevant questions and investigate the different career routes and explore different ways to manage finances.

They will understand what makes a fair and respectful environment and think critically about how they can advocate change when it is needed.

Students listen to other viewpoints and can make connections between how different scenarios may make different people feel and show empathy and understanding to others.


Recent research used to inform practices in PSHE

  • Growing up in North Yorkshire survey
  • Kate Jones - Retrieval Practice
  • EEF - Reciprocal reading
  • Department of Education
  • PSHE association


PSHE vision

Our curriculum aims to support student’s holistic development by providing skills to develop confidence, resilience, and self-esteem. The school ethos, Love of God, Love of Neighbour is central to the PSHE curriculum. We provide our students with opportunities to recognise themselves as valued individuals, to celebrate differences and understand the need for empathy and compassion for others.

We aim to equip all our students with the essential skills for future employability and facilitate progress in all areas of life encouraging students to strive to be the best version of themselves using their God given talents for the greater good.

PSHE is embedded in school life with PSHE themes being delivered through different curriculum areas, themes of the week, assemblies and curriculum drop down periods. The curriculum is organised into three units each unit provides students with the opportunity to explore the Gospel values.  Unit one is centred around healthy relationships and sex education, which give student the students to explore understanding, compassion, and empathy towards one another.  Unit two allows students to develop life skills, such financial capabilities.  Unit three focuses on citizenship, which allows students to explore  citizenship and respect individuality our diverse society.


Whole school visions

Use the links below to view our whole school vision and curriculum vision. 

Whole school vision Whole school curriculum vision    


Curriculum team

  • Mrs Bowman curriculum leader
  • PSHE is taught by form tutors


Enrichment opportunities

In addition to the timetabled PSHE lessons, students gain access to the PSHE curriculum through:

  • Ethos day - team building activities
  • Mind workshops
  • Assemblies from a variety of stakeholders