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St Francis Xavier

Curriculum by year

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Food Technology

Food Technology vision

Within Food Technology we offer learners the opportunity to develop their knowledge and understanding of food preparation and nutrition.
The practical skills and theoretical knowledge learners will acquire throughout the curriculum will empower them to work confidently, independently and develop valuable life skills. 

Learners will become self-sufficient young adults with a contextual understanding of current diet related health issues within society. This understanding will impact their food choices and how it effects their health, the health of our planet and on the lives of other species sharing our world.


Whole school visions

Use the links below to view our whole school vision and curriculum vision. 

Whole school vision Whole school curriculum vision    


Curriculum team

  • Ms S Bradley – Curriculum Leader of Technology 
  • Mrs C Boland – Food technology teacher
  • Mr Lister - Technician


KS4 courses  

  •   GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition - AQA (8585)

Enrichment opportunities