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Curriculum by year

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Drama vision

Drama at SFX School offers pupils a way to express themselves creatively through a range of different performance conventions. Pupils will have the courage to grow in confidence through regular performance opportunities and will collaborate to craft and devise their own dramatic pieces. Through practical exploration, they will enhance their ability at public speaking and will practise the techniques of effective communication. We hope that all pupils will enjoy the practical nature of the subject and will gain an appreciation for and love of the art of drama.

The Key Stage 3 curriculum will provide pupils with knowledge of different dramatists and performance styles. They will be introduced to a range of theatrical genres and will have the opportunity to perform a diverse range of texts, from Berkoff to Shakespeare. Pupils will explore drama practically through rehearsal and performance. They will work in groups to devise their own productions, putting into practice the conventions and styles they have studied. Pupils will learn to reflect on their abilities in order to enhance their individual future performances and will also be required to offer useful and detailed feedback to their peers.

Pupils will have the opportunity to watch live performances and will enhance their skills at evaluating and analysing directorial choices. We are passionate about all children having access to theatre and our aim is to introduce this cultural experience to pupils where possible.

In line with our Christian ethos, pupils will be encouraged to consider moral and ethical issues whilst having the courage to express and challenge ideas within the safe environment of performance. They will study and explore historical and cultural contexts as stimuli for improvisation, approaching these with sensitivity and compassion.

At Key Stage Four, pupils will hone their skills from earlier learning to understand a range of dramatic conventions and genres including naturalism, epic theatre, physical theatre, political theatre and theatre of the absurd. Pupils will study a range of practitioners and will explore a set text through practical and theoretical lessons. They will analyse and evaluate live and recorded performances and will gain the courage to critique drama. Working as a team, pupils will devise their own performances and will showcase their acting skills in a performance of two extracts from produced plays, which will be externally assessed.

The overarching ambition for all students of Drama is that they will gain the confidence to pursue their own ideas, become reflective practitioners and great communicators, whilst enjoying a deeper understanding of the intricacies of dramatic performance. We hope that some pupils will pursue a career in drama after leaving SFX, but we can be sure that all pupils will be equipped with transferable skills, applicable both in further studies and in the workplace as a result of the drama lessons enjoyed at school. All pupils should have the opportunity to celebrate our Gospel values of Compassion and Courage throughout all performance work, as well as reflecting on their stewardship and responsibilities for our world.


Whole school visions

Use the links below to view our whole school vision and curriculum vision. 

Whole school vision Whole school curriculum vision    


Curriculum team

  • Miss C Smith (Curriculum Lead, KS4 Drama)
  • Mrs C Knight (Y7 and Y8 Drama)
  • Mr C Rodaway (Y7 and Y8 Drama)
  • Mr P Jackson (Y7 Drama)
  • Miss K Nicholson (Y8 Drama) 


KS4 courses  

  •   GCSE Drama - AQA

Enrichment opportunities

  • Lower School Drama Club (Y7-8)
  • Upper School Drama Club (Y9-11)
  • Drama rehearsals (lunch and after-school)
  • Performance of musical (Biennial)
  • Christmas performance (annual)
  • SFX Factor (annual)
  • School services (termly and Saint Francis Xavier Feast Day)
  • Special performances (eg: WW1 centenary)